For kids, our founders have created EGGIE 2.0, the world's first wireless pest-repelling nightlight.
The perfect companion for your kids, day and night.

What is EGGIE 2.0?

The initial iteration of EGGIE was featured on, where it achieved its goal of raising $39,189CAD within four weeks with the support of 412 backers. EGGIE is back and enhanced, now with added pest-repelling features and improvements on its original characteristics. EGGIE 2.0 is an elegant, decorative, personalizable, and pest-repelling light. With its waterproof exterior, wireless charging capabilities, and light-sensitive functionality, EGGIE can light up your world wherever you go, while protecting you from mosquitoes and other insects.

When technology meets art...

Sleek Minimalistic Design

Minimalism is our philosophy here at Nocturne Designs Inc. – we strive for great products that are multifunctional yet easy to use. For both EGGIE 1.0 and 2.0, traditional wires are replaced with wireless charging and traditional buttons are enhanced with internal tap switches. EGGIE is also made fully waterproof so you can enjoy it in all circumstances, whether as a decorative light in a romantic rose bath or a nightlight during a late-night bathroom run.

Patented Pest Repelling LEDs

Insects, such as mosquitoes, moths, and cockroaches, are "positively phototactic," meaning these critters have a tendency to move towards a light source. To safely repel mosquitoes and other positively phototactic insects, EGGIE 2.0 is equipped with technology that emits a patented wavelength that temporarily blinds the insects, thereby warding off any oncoming approach. Rest assured, this technology is both child friendly and safe for everyday use.

Certified According to Global Safety Standards

Your safety is our first priority. As such, our products and designs follow strict international standards and regulations. All of our products, EGGIE 1.0 and 2.0 included, have attained CE, FCC, and RoHS certifications. 

Elegant Day & Night

auto-adjusts to the right brightness, for the right mood

Waterproof & Stays Afloat

perfect for any occasion, in any environment

Create Your Own

ideal for you and your loved ones

Classy Mood Lighting

adding a sleek touch to every evening


Just wanted to say that I received my EGGIE and so far it seems to be working just fine! :D I've even used it as an impromptu flashlight several times. I love it so much and it's still so cute! 

Lucy Mulligan (U.K.)

We LOVE both of our EGGIES and they are working splendidly. I really hope you'll be selling these online, as I know lots of people who would love them just as much. (Plus, I really want to buy a bunch more now!)

Thanks for making such a great product.

Michael Peterson (U.S.)

I absolutely love the EGGIE I received. It was actually much brighter than expected and it responds to the surrounding light and adjust its brightness instantaneously. I think these would be great Christmas presents too.

Wendy Ouyang (Canada)