About Us

We, the founders of Nocturn Designs Inc., are two passionate designers and engineers with over five years of experience in designing products. During our free time, we love to tinker. Whether building cool devices like air cannons, engineering new types of fireworks, or designing lights, we have a simple philosophy of creating products that our friends and family truly love.

EGGIE, our elegant, decorative, and personalizable light, is our first creation we are bringing to the market. Built with the customer in mind and with the best materials, EGGIE was meant to always accompany its owner and provide a sense of solace and comfort throughout the vicissitudes of daily life. To us, EGGIE is that warm beacon of stability for you and your loved ones. The initial iteration of EGGIE was featured on Kickstarter.com, where it achieved its goal of raising $39,189CAD within four weeks with the support of 412 backers. EGGIE is back and enhanced, now with added pest-repelling features and improvements on its original characteristics.

We work with world’s leading manufacturers of LED technology to create all of our products. The LED itself has a guaranteed lifetime of 20 years, while all the rest of the components are made with state of the art manufacturing processes, ensuring safe and reliable usage. Our factory and warehouse are strategically located in Shanghai (China) and Dallas (Texas, USA) so as to ensure sufficient stock for our global customer base. It has been an arduous but fulfilling journey to create EGGIE, and now it is time for EGGIE to light up your world.

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